“Whats in your advance care planning pill?” Insights and experiences from international ACP-i programs and pioneers 

Medizinisch Vektor erstellt von frimufilms –

23 March 2022 – Australia and New Zealand

Webinar 1: Australia – UTC 11 am – noon (12 am)
Dr Leyton Miller (palliative care consultant, Queensland Health)
Jill Mann (ACP program director, Barwon Health, Victoria)
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Webinar 2: New Zealand – UTC 11 pm – midnight (12 pm)
Leigh Manson (National ACP programme lead)
Dr Tammy Pegg (Cardiologist and national programme clinical lead)
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15 June 2022 – Switzerland and Germany

(time/speakers to be announced) 

14 September 2022 – Spain and Brazil 

(time/speakers to be announced)

7 December 2022 – United States and Canada 

(time/speakers to be announced)