Our Key Mission Statement

ACP-i is financed without funding from pharmaceutical companies - please support us to maintain this independence.

Donation support for the International Society of Advance Care Planning. Donation support from individuals or organisations are welcomed and will help contribute towards the Society’s objectives:

  1. Promoting universal access to quality advance care planning
  2. Promoting excellence in care for people throughout their life-cycle
  3. Promoting the provision of physical, psycho-emotional and spiritual care in the context of advance care planning and end of life care


Donations can be made through ACP-i. Each charitable gift, whatever its size, makes the giver a partner in the work of International Society of Advance Care Planning. Each accomplishment is made possible through generous involvement in our cause.



You are invited you to renew your existing membership, or become an Advance Care Planning international (ACP-i) member now. Please find your membership fee for the year 2019 and the transferral information here:

Updated! How to Join ACP-i - Facts and Fees for ACP-i Membership 2019.Pdf

Membership of the ACP-i Society is open to all persons who are committed to all areas of advance care planning and end of life care including doctors, nurses, social workers, chaplains, policy-makers, researchers, medical officers and directors working in areas covering, but not exclusive to; end of life/palliative care, primary care, critical care, acute hospitals, care of the elderly, ethics and spirituality, policy development, social care, etc.